Was Covid-19 Really A Hoax Or Just A Theory?


Yesly Cortez

In early 2020, there was a virus that spread easily around the world that was believed to be made in China. Its name, Covid 19. People believed that this virus was created by the government to wipe out half of the population worldwide. Many people also believed that it was a Hoax to shake up the presidential election. Because of this theory, people stopped following the rules that the government suggested such as keeping 6ft away from people all the time.

As the year went along, the virus started to spread everywhere. At that point, even President Trump had Covid. The way people saw this kept people confused because they thought that it was a false statement and that it was just a way to keep the presidential election being stolen from Trump. Hoax beliefs were getting stronger as the believers spread the news around, “Hoax beliefs were stronger predictors than human-made beliefs both in the United States, but the theory isn’t real.”

Not only did people think it was a hoax, they thought it might’ve been a bio-weapon from China sent to kill people. Clearly, it wasn’t that. People thought it was a hoax depending on people’s behaviors mostly in the UK and the USA. There have been studies where people found only .001% of the theory was true about it being a hoax. “they would yield the negative impact of hoax belief on self-reported containment-related behavior in the UK non significant after including all control variables.”

In conclusion, the theory about Covid being a hoax wasn’t real. This theory made people think that it was true by the way it started to spread fast and thinking that it was a plan from the government, about how people reacted to it world wide. Overall, many people believed this because it had been a while since we had a virus around and because many people started dying because of this disease. Many thought it was a hoax because they started selling products about finding a cure for Covid.