Did Ukraine Really Have BioWeapons?

Did Ukraine Really Have BioWeapons?

Pritom Deb

Have you been on Twitter recently, apparently the United States secretly gave Ukraine dangerous bioweapons to fight Russia with? Some of the lies people make up are crazy, well hopefully it’s a lie. Maybe Russia was just being petty and wanted to create rumors because they are on the verge of losing to Ukraine. Well, no matter what side is true and what side is false, both outcomes would be crazy.

While people were celebrating the New Years, Russia had other plans in February and decided to attack Ukraine. There were many missiles and bombs launched into Ukraine and then it slowly got worse and worse. Russia was trying to invade Ukraine and claim it as their land but didn’t expect to be fought back so hard by Ukraine. Russia lost many wars in the past and decided to strike again to lose again, or maybe not. There were 1.35 million soldiers fighting for Russia and Ukraine had only 500,000, it’s a few compared to Russia. Ukraine was still somehow managing to slowly climb up towards victory. The war is still ongoing and even worse now than it already was. 

Russia was starting to worry that they may really not win the war against Ukraine. Someone with the user “Clandestine” on twitter posted a tweet saying ”Zelenky said the Russians are firing at “military installations. How broad is that term? I am seeing speculation that could include US installed biolabs. At first I was like no way. Then I started digging.” The photo below shows a photo of a map of Ukraine with “red dots” indicating where the biolabs are located. Some believe that this post was made by Russia so they can plan a “revenge” attack on Ukraine and use bioweapons on them. Some people also believe that people are just trying to create drama or get the United States involved in the war.

Once people heard about this, they knew they had to dig right into this and sort it out. Experts were hired to search around and check if this conspiracy was correct. Dr Lentzos – an expert of biological threats said, “Our group observed nothing out of the ordinary, or that we wouldn’t expect to see in a legitimate facility of this sort,” Once Ukraine was 100% sure no one planted anything anywhere one of the lab directors said, “If this was a secret weapon facility, would we be so open to everyone?” People have been spreading many lies saying they found bioweapons related to Ukraine, but they were once again put as false. Some really want the United States to become more involved in this war.

In conclusion, Ukraine having bioweapons was put as false since nothing was found in Ukraine. Many people still believe that Ukraine has bioweapons even after Ukraine was searched by professionals. What do you think, does Ukraine have bioweapons?!?