Bittersweet Goodbyes

Nicole Soto

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Its come time for the seniors to say goodbye here’s what they have to say about their four years at Manchester:

“ [The] teachers that have helped me and impacted me through these four years have been Mr.Spasato , Ms.Brogan , and Ms.Krafft. They never let me down and kept me on the path I always needed to be on. Being a Falcon has taught me to have motivation and respect. My overall favorite memory has to be the Dodgeball Tournament when all the teachers came out to play with us.” -Christian Lara

 “I would like to thank Ms.Brogan,  Ms.Fisher , Ms. Beres, and Ms. Krafft for always guiding me in the right direction and always making sure I was on board. Patience , respect , honesty , and modesty is what is what I have learned from being a Falcon. My favorite memory was the basketball championship and seeing Alex Morales do his thing (on the court)” – Eric Taylor
“A teacher I would like to thank for helping me through these four years has to be Mr.Ickles because for the two years I had him he was my favorite teacher.From being a Falcon i learned to stay true to yourself. My favorite memory has been cheerleading.”-Zara Mobely

I would like to thank Mrs.Savastano and Ms. Krafft for always teaching me to work above and beyond and to never give up. Mrs. S. has always been a mother figure to me so I appreciate her so much. Also, Mrs. Krafft has shown me to never give up and always work to my abilities.The lessons I will take from being a Falcon is to never give up and to always be on top of my school work.My favorite memories was making friends with people I will spend my life time with.” – Lanie Gaston 
The MRHS staff have watched the Class of 2016 grow over these past four years. Here are their best wishes to them:  

Ms. Greene:  “One of my most favorite memories of the class of 2016 was our freshmen HSPA class and our Senior English IV class! Words of advice:

THINK positively. NETWORK well. EXERCISE daily. EAT healthy. STAY strong. BUILD self. WORRY less. RELAX often. LOVE always. LIVE forever. Best wishes, remember “The REAL YOU is a much stronger you than you ever anticipated (a quote from Brenden Burchard)”

Mrs. Hedges: ” I only taught a handful of them English 3H/Comp I & II, but one memory and image which stick out (and I believe made it into the yearbook!) involve Zena Ismail walking around with a mustache. Words of advice: Put down your phones, look around you and listen. It’s all better in real life, anyway. Best wishes: I can’t wait to hear about all of your successes! Enjoy every moment of the end-of-year celebrations- you’ve earned them!”

Ms. VanderGroef: “Confucius says: ‘Wherever you go , go with all of your heart’ and Choose a job you love , and you will never have to work a day in your life “

Mr. Bamford: “This class has an amazing sense of humor and I will miss you all very much. Never give up on your dreams, you can conquer any obstacle standing in your way. I wish you all  nothing but the best life has to offer.”

Ms. Weinberg: “Two years ago my Sophomore PE/Health classes were some of the best I’ve taught here in my 15 years at MRHS.  Hysterical Volleyball games, ALWAYS beating the upperclassmen at kickball, teaching Badminton, and having awesome participation in all my classes to the point that when it was time to switch some students were crushed. They would have played Badminton the rest of the year!! AND…. of course…….the end of the year some classes insisting on taking our “class selfies” ( period 3, 5, 9) Some seniors still ask me if I have the pics of that day!! (which I do)   🙂  

Words of advice: Seniors, if the opportunity presents itself, take that cross country trip because it’s an awesome experience! You’ll  be shocked at how beautiful things are away from New Jersey!!   #BuckleUp #MakeGoodDecisions #KeepSmiling  #DoWhatMakesYouHappy #YouWillBeMissed #WeinbergsWordsOfWisdom

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Bittersweet Goodbyes