Teacher for the Real World

Seena Kesht, Editor

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After working in financial services for seventeen years, Mr. Lynch decided that his job was too time consuming and interfered with his family life. Coming from a family of teachers, a career in teaching was always on his mind. After having a thoughtful conversation with his sister-in-law he finally decided to make this career a reality.

He states:

“As a new teacher, teaching a new subject with new ideas, I try to tie the curriculum from school to the real world. Ever since I started, my mind is always working and coming up with new ideas for lessons and topics and how to tie in something that’s going on in the real world to what I’m talking about in class…That’s the most exciting part, I feel like I’m using my mind a lot more than I did towards the end of my [earlier] career.”

Unlike standardized testing and textbooks, the business world is always changing and growing. By keeping his materials up to date, and making the main focus of his class on the ever-changing world of business, Mr. Lynch prepares students for the real world.



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Teacher for the Real World