My Role Model: My Mom


The person who I look up to the most is my mother. My mom was born in Bani, Dominican Republic and moved to the United States when she was just a young girl of 11. As the third youngest of ten siblings, life was hard. My mom has been through all types of trials and tribulations and still manages to provide for her children and be a good person on top of that.

Being a single mother is hard enough, without losing someone extremely close to her during the first Covid quarantine, she still managed to persevere. She has taught me that no matter what I should always count on family to be there for me. As well as counting on myself, as an independent young adult I can wholeheartedly give credit to my mother, for teaching me to be dependent on only myself. She has also taught me a very important lesson in life, which was to be compassionate and understanding.

One of her most admirable qualities is she will always forgive you no matter how bad you mess up. She always understands where you are coming from and much to my surprise she will always listen. Whether it be a rant, a problem, or just for advice I know that if I really need something, my mom will be there for me. I’ve decided to use her empathy and take it into my own hands to live life with her powerful lesson in my pocket.

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