My Role Model: My Mom


My role model is my mother. She’s my role model because she is hard working, determined, patient, positive and inspiring. She’s hard working because she’ll do things that are considered a “man’s job”. She’ll take out and put in the AC’s in the house, fix plumbing, lift up heavy items, etc. She’s extremely determined, even when she’s at her lowest point and stressing like crazy, she’ll take a break and once she continues she’ll look at the positive in her finishing the situation and execute it amazingly!

My mother is also patient, she’ll work towards a goal of hers no matter how long it takes and whether she benefited from it or not she still takes good from whatever is going on. Last but not least she’s inspiring, the only reason I’m even a little bit motivated to do school is because of her. She affects the choices I make by allowing me to think before I make a decision. She motivates me to do school and even reminds me that I don’t have to stress about it and to take a break. Every timeI’m upset I really try not to show it but she never fails to help me realize that it’s okay to show feelings. Overall, she just inspires me to do better and I’m extremely grateful to have her as my mother.

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