The Queen’s Gambit: A Netflix Review


I really recommend The Queen’s Gambit, it’s a good show about chess and although that may seem boring, it’s actually pretty interesting. It starts off with showing an incident that happened to the main character’s mother. Later on, she moves into an orphanage for girls. There she learns to play chess from the janitor. After playing a few games, the janitor starts to realize how much of a prodigy she is. Throughout the show, she has to go through some stuff, some of which is serious and other which is childish.

I feel like this is a good show to tell people that you should never give up no matter what the circumstances are. Whether you grow up poor, middle class, or rich always do whatever you can to achieve your dreams. This Limited Series shows how she took what she had and made it into something bigger. She went from being an orphan to one of the best chess players in the world. Also, in doing that, she was able to make a lot of money from the tournaments.

So even if your dream isn’t considered a career there’s many possibilities. You can still do what you love and make a living. You might go through a few hardships but as long as you stay on path and try your best you should be able to do whatever you want in life. This show also helps with the stereotypical stuff that comes along with chess. Chess is usually seen as something that only men can play, but in this show she proves that it doesn’t matter what gender you are. Today there are still many stereotypes that have to do with men and women being different as people, so this show kind of helps with some of it. It’s about both the men and women stereotype and also how you should try to do whatever you want in life no matter what you might have to go through.