My Role Model: Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo, a Mexican woman who had many disabilities as a child, and even in her adulthood became one of the greatest self-portrait painters. Frida Kahlo was born in Coyoacan Mexico City in Mexico, she was born on July 6, 1907. Frida grew up in Mexico City in the country of Mexico and lived and grew up with her mother Matilde Calderon. She was also raised in a very strict and religious household. Despite that Frida was a very accomplished woman, and her legacy still goes on to this day. She lived a very hard life due to her health issues and many problems she had in her life other than that, but she still found a way to accomplish her goals and be remembered by many people around the world. Frida needs to be remembered for all her accomplishments in life, She was one of the most hard-working and ambitious women that could ever exist. Frida encouraged many people in her painting, such as people with disabilities, and people of explored genders, and she also inspired people to speak about the difficulties they face in their lives.

Frida dealt with many problems in her life such as affairs, disabilities, diseases, crashes, etc. Starting at a very young age Frida contracted polio at the age of six and was bedridden for 9 months, after these nine months not everything was perfect, she had to limb due to the effects of polio on her right leg and foot. During the year 1925, Frida and Alejandro Gomez Arias, one of her friends that she was romantically in love with, were both traveling on a bus when a tragedy occurred. A trolley crashed into the bus and dragged it against a wall, as a result of this crash she was severely injured. People thought that was the end of her. Kahlo was impaled by a steel handrail that went into her hip and came out the other way, she was severely injured, with injuries in her pelvis, ribs, collarbone, spine, and 11 other fractures in her right leg. During the times Frida would have to be in bed for many months due to her injuries, she began to paint and express her pain and even herself in these paintings. Frida then began her life with Diego Rivera which was not the best marriage, they moved a lot from homes to studios, Diego also had many affairs even with one of Frida’s sisters Cristina. Frida was not in the best state of mind when Diego would do many things to her, she cut off her long hair to express her desperation for the betrayal, she was heartbroken during this time, and she had experienced her second miscarriage as well. Even through all those problems she encountered Frida was fearless, she was comfortable in her skin. 

Frida’s accomplishments and goals in her life have had a big influence on my life. The fact that she has accomplished so much during her rough times has made a big impact on not only me but many people in the world. She reminds me daily to keep going no matter what situation I have encountered in my life, for example when I have family problems or any other problems in life, I now know to put that all aside from my school work, because school is one of the most important things in my life. Frida put all her stress, health issues, marriage issues, etc aside from her painting work which helped her succeed and become known for who she is. Frida allows me to remind myself about the future I have ahead of me, just as she did and now she is known as one of the most successful people in history. 

In conclusion, Frida has changed the way I see life, she changed the way I think during certain situations such as when I’m stressed out, or not feeling too well.  She taught me the importance of trying my best and knowing that others can be going through worse situations, and no matter the situation, put that aside and think about your goals.