My Role Model: Cesar Chavez


  If I were to ask people who Cesar Chavez is, you would hear, a hero, a leader, a peacekeeper, and so on but not many people know the story of Cesar Chavez. He was a person who spread the importance of peace and equality. He took problems of his own community and eventually the whole world and tried solving them, inspiring many young generations after him. He focused on the people no one else ever took consideration of. Chavez fought aggressively, but never violently. He always stayed strong and promoted peace everywhere while being an advocate. But without the help of others Cesar Chavez wouldn’t be as famous as he is today. Many people followed his footsteps and still are till this day. He was always non-violent in hopes of changing the world and the way people treat each other.

  Cesar Chavez is known for how hard he fought inequality of those who were treated differently, but he did not complete this alone. He has the support of people all around the world. Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, 1927 in Yuma, AZ. He was in school till eight grade when he had to leave education behind to do farm work with his family to help earn money. He was only about 12 years old when he had to start doing work and help his family earn money, when I was 12 I was hanging out with my friends and going here and there. Then later on near 1944 he joined the US Navy when he was about 18. A few years later, after he came back from the Navy he married Helen Fabela in his early 20’s. He got back to work in the farms, and worked even harder than he did before. Then one day he noticed that farm workers were not getting paid enough for the work they were doing and the conditions weren’t even correct, so he decided to do something about this.

  Cesar Chavez did something about all the farmworkers who were working in terrible conditions and didn’t even get paid enough. He decided to stand up for himself, actually not just for himself for all the farmworkers who had to work how he did and didn’t even get paid enough. The writers of United Farm Workers stated that, “almost all the farmworkers agreed with Chavez and went on a strike, they didn’t do any of the farm work till they got what they wanted.” Chavez warned all his fellow protesters that he didn’t want this to get violent, he wanted it to be aggressive but never for it to be violent. They started making their signs and going in groups and chanting to California Grape Farm owners, their signs read, “Justice For Farmworkers”, “Don’t Buy California Grapes”, and so on. Chavez chanted and chanted with his signs held high, not alone he had all his supporters from all over the world.

  Imagine you working most of the day on a hot summer day planting and picking all the crops for 7 days a week. I don’t know about you but I would be pretty tired, oh yea and you get paid a very small amount after completing all that work. Cesar Chavez worked daily and got paid a small amount and so did all of his fellow friends, he wanted to see a change for the better of mankind. In today’s world it’s easier to make a change. Everyone has a mobile device and social media, with one tap they can post a movement for change in the world. Nowadays people don’t even look down at the farmworkers, neither did they really before but in today’s world no one ever thinks about them.

  Overall, Cesar Chavez created a change in this world not many people notice but the people who were alive during those times would have noticed the change. He did a very brave and different thing, and it had a very good result. I hope someday the newer generations can create a change just like Cesar Chavez.