My Role Model: My Aunt


Beyonce Miller

One night I was laying in bed thinking of how much my aunt means to me. My aunt has inspired me to be a better person, and more importantly to stay strong in life whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed. I know sometimes aunts are usually the ones who don’t really care because they aren’t your parents but my aunt has guided me my whole life as my third parent! Not everyone gets to have someone they look up to, but my aunt is my best friend. As I lay down in bed, I got off Tik Tok and started to call her. As I was on the phone with her, I asked her how she felt being my role model and what had made her so strong. I wrote down everything she shared with me, so I could bring and share to you guys reading! 

Here is how the conversation went.. 

Me: Titi Daisy I’m writing an article about you for school, do you mind answering a few questions? 

Daisy: No I don’t mind ask me the question

Me: How does it feel to know that everyone depends on you, does it get overwhelming? 

Daisy: It makes me feel good about myself knowing that everyone knows that they can depend on me. Yes, it does get overwhelming but I push myself and work harder. I feel like it’s my job to always be here, but sometimes it makes me feel weak because of my sickness. 

Me: What experiences made you so strong, what made you become who you are today? 

Daisy: There was a point in my life where I had no one, I was struggling with my son when I had to make decisions on my own without anyone to turn to. I was lonely but I knew I had to pick myself up and do better for myself and Isaiah. It was hard being alone during that time, but that is why I’m always here for whoever needs me.  

Me: Do you ever feel like giving up, even though you tell me to keep going? 

Daisy: Yes, I do all the time everyone has their breaking points but I know I can’t give up. I know that my hard work won’t be for nothing, and this is why I always tell you never to give up on what you want to accomplish in life. 

Me: How do you balance your time with having so much stress, how do you cope with feeling overwhelmed? 

Daisy: I cope by not letting go, I don’t let life set me back because it’s hard to regain strength. I believe in not giving up, so when situations get hard I push even harder. 

Me: Growing up what was the anchor to your success?

Daisy: My mother was the anchor to my success, she was my provider and did everything she could for me and my siblings. She was my friend, comforter, and best friend growing up. She was my best friend and role model all in one. 

Me: How does it feel to be your own boss as a manager, and what do you do when you’re overwhelmed at work?

Daisy: I feel accomplished, I’m in love with the life I have built for myself. The stress at my job is overpowering, but I listen to Christian music as I work to calm me. 

Me: Where did you grow up? Who helped you in life? 

Daisy: I grew up in Prospect Park and my mother helped me until I became an adult. After I became an adult I was all on my own. 

Me: Lastly, How was high School for you? Any advice for teenagers? 

Daisy: High school was good, although I didn’t take it seriously I wish I would’ve. I struggled really badly to get where I am today because of it. This is why I constantly remind you to never give up and stay focused so you won’t have to struggle later on in life. As for anyone else, I would say the same thing to them and I would also tell them High school is indeed stressful but you have to strive for greatness. 

Thank you for reading, now you can understand what a big role model my aunt is to me. She has taught me so much as I grew up to be who I am today, and hearing her story makes me want to be stronger. She is very independent and strong and when I grow up I would want to be just like her. High school is hard and draining but it all ends up being worth it in the end. The main lesson I have learned and you guys should also learn is to never give up and don’t give up on school. School is the main tool that will lead you to success as long as you take it seriously. She has kept me motivated, so now I share with you both of our stories.