The Pros and Cons of MRHS


 Nationwide statistics show that nearly 75% of students feel negatively about school.(

I believe that number would change if schools listened to their students more. School should be a place where students feel heard. If students feel that something in the school needs to change, I believe it should be acted on. Manchester Regional is a wonderful school that has many different clubs and sports to enjoy. There are different electives to pick from and students have a variety of chances to see where they can succeed the most. However, in my personal opinion, I feel that the students’ opinions need to be voiced a bit more.

Every high school has its problems. Not all high schoolers will follow the rules and might think some rules are irrational or unnecessary so they don’t listen. I went around MRHS asked the students what they think the pros and cons are at Manchester. Many students gave the opinion that respect needs to go both ways when it comes to the teachers. To get respect, they feel it needs to be given. One of my fellow classmates stated, “Teachers need to learn to give respect if they want to earn it. Students aren’t going to give you respect if you disrespect them.” In contrast to this opinion, my other classmate stated, “Students often talk over teachers while the teacher is trying to give them instructions in order to pass the class. Then students complain about their grades when they’re given tests. The students provoke the teachers sometimes.” I completely agree with both statements. Respect should go both ways and no one should be provoking the other.

Another controversial topic on the students’ minds is the uniform policy. When asked his opinion on uniforms, Joshua Pennant said, “I would change the dress code because the Khaki’s “ain’t it”.” My other classmate also stated, “I think uniforms are a good idea because I don’t have to wonder what I’m going to wear for the week.” Like most things in life, not everyone can be happy all the time.

One really important pro at MRHS is the diversity. Many students told me that there’s a great amount of diversity in this school and the different clubs give the students a chance to interact with people of different ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. The students also mentioned that there are many loving and supportive teachers who make them feel like they really care about their futures.

Overall, the news is good and I believe that the 75% of unhappy high schoolers are not at Manchester Regional High School. My conclusion is that MRHS is a virtuous school where diversity thrives and teachers care.