Thank You Chrome Depot!

Thank You Chrome Depot!

Dear Chrome Depot,

I want to start off by thanking you for everything you do for the students and teachers here at MRHS. I don’t think anyone would be able to deal with so much stress and responsibility as you do. In order to thank you properly I did a little research on your career. The most interesting thing that I learned is that you guys don’t just go to college, but you have to get certified, too. I also now know that you have many job opportunities after you graduate. You deserve it!

I know that it must be hard to fix all the tech problems at MRHS. It’s amazing how you guys can get a Chromebook ready to use in under fifteen minutes. I don’t know what we would do at MRHS without you. I also learned that you guys work hard to prevent cyber attacks on our school from occurring. Not many students pay attention to how much you guys help us everyday with broken Chromebooks, WIFI issues, and faulty Promethean boards that the teachers need.

The biggest surprise I found was that you guys have no summers off! In fact, Summer is when you guys are the most busy. I know you have things you would rather be doing in the Summer. Finally, I want to say thank you again for being so reliable when it comes to the technology system here at MRHS.


Beyonce Miller