Thank You MRHS Custodians!


Dear Custodians,

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into keeping our school clean. I believe you all should be the most appreciated people in this school. Without you, our school would be filthy. You create a clean environment for all students and faculty members and for this, I say thank you!

The cleaner an environment is, the better students can learn. I know this because I read a study done at Brigham Young University which states that 88% of students find a lack of cleanliness to be a distraction. So, thank you for keeping us focused on our studies. A clean environment also gives improved attendance, improved classroom performance, healthier students, improved equipment lifespan, and lastly it provides a mentally safe space for students. Wow! I never realized how much you do for the school community.

You also deserve praise because, during Covid-19, custodians had to disinfect classrooms and wipe down approximately 1000 desks every single day. You sacrificed your health and time away from your families to keep us healthy. I know it must be tiring cleaning all day so I just want you to know that we students really do appreciate you and everything you do. 


Akayliah Anglin