Stop Worrying, Here are the College Acceptance Rates 

Stop Worrying, Here are the College Acceptance Rates 

Do you plan on going to college someday but worry about whether you would get in? Well I’m here to tell you about the college acceptance rates and what you can expect!

Many kids all around the world start to get overwhelmed about applying to colleges and that is completely normal. There are millions of students that apply for college each year. For all the institutions analyzed, there were nearly 4.9 million total applications in 2002, or about four for every student who ended up enrolling somewhere. By 2017, the total number of applications had more than doubled to almost 10.2 million, or 6.8 per enrolled student. There are always increases in how many applications are filled out in a year. Through March 1, 2021, Common App had received 6,060,037 first-year applications to member institutions, an 11% increase over the 2019–20 total through the same date (5,457,932 applications). Not every student is accepted to the college of their dreams, but some do indeed get accepted with luck. However, looking closely, 60.7% of the first-time applicants were granted admission to enroll.

Many students stress about the fact that they might not get into the college they want or think they will get into. Students have to understand that getting into college isn’t as easy as it seems. Our school counselors have helped all the students here at MRHS with their college applications and they have spoken to them about acceptance rates and their chances. One of our counselors said, ¨Many kids have different experiences filling out applications based upon their grades and the extracurricular activities they are involved in. It all depends on what type of student you are.¨

When asked some students at MRHS had this to say. One said, ¨My GPA is really high, I have always been in honors classes, and I play sports as well. Finding a college was difficult but I got accepted into the college I wanted.¨ Getting in was easy for this student because they have always been on top of their grades. I asked another student about their experience and they told me, “My GPA is ok, my grades are fine, but I was in a couple of fights my sophomore year.¨ This student now has to worry if they will get accepted because their grades weren’t so good and because they had gotten into fights. The message here is, get good grades, but also stay out of trouble if you want to go to college.

Overall, acceptance rates are stressful when you’re trying to get into college, but if you plan it right and do your best, you’ll definitely get in!