My Role Model, My Mom


A Grateful Son

Someone who I myself believe to be an inspiring role model throughout my entire life is my own mother, as I grew up over the years I’ve seen my mom struggle to provide the best she could for herself and her own family. She tells me that since she was a young girl she had to face issues of racism due to the color of her skin, but she never let those hurtful comments stop her from getting to school or back home. She didn’t have the perfect childhood but it was well enough to sustain her and her 2 sisters, their mother providing the best possible for them, who is my grandma of course, my own mother pushes me to be the best possible person I can be, and that nothing ever comes easy, that people need to struggle and face hardships sometimes.

My mom is sometimes a bit rough on me but overall I know that she simply just wants me to achieve my own goals and make my dreams come true, as well as make her and my entire family proud, through her I see what it means to be courageous, brave, strong, resilient, and overall the best role model someone could possibly have. 

In conclusion, the person that I look up to in my time of crisis’ is my mom, the woman who brought me into the world, gave me everything I possibly could ask for, the best person anyone can consider asking for advice would be their own mother, who would know you better than anyone else, as she’s seen you grow up over the years and knows you like a book.