Around the School: Ms. Nobile


Emiliano Medina

Ms. Nobile’s Ability to Soar Through Expectations 

What does it mean to be a teacher? Normally it means to come in to teach multiple classes and answer questions some students may have and make lessons for the upcoming unit. This is the normal basis for what teachers are perceived as doing and that idea is never proven false until there is a standout from that stereotype. At Manchester Regional High School, that standout teacher is Ms. Nobile.

Gina Nobile is an English teacher for many students at MRHS and, unlike many teachers who are just liked by their students, her commitment to her work and her connection to the school community is what makes her beloved by all. Ms. Nobile has an extremely personal connection with the school community as she is often seen at sporting events and even visits other classrooms on her breaks to interact with students and other faculty members. One sports team that truly feels her support is the wrestling team. Ms. Nobile is frequently seen at wrestling meets, constantly showing her support for the team. During a sit down interview, two of the members of team expressed their genuine love for Ms. Nobile. One of them put it, “Ms. Nobile’s like our wrestling mom” which shows their gratitude for Ms. Nobile.

Another way Nobile shows her connection to her school community is her relationships with other teachers and her interactions with them. Ms. Nobile is beloved by her peers and in multiple discussions with numerous teachers, they had nothing but love and gratitude for her and her dedication to her work. History teacher, Ms. Finizio put it, “We’ve become closer on a personal level and have helped each other outside of school. The way Ms. Nobile communicates with her students and dedicates herself to bettering her kids helps me grow [as a teacher.]”

While the community love and support is important to her, what drives Ms. Nobile to help these students is a pure heart that wants to see these students succeed. In my one-on-one interview with Ms. Nobile, she detailed her dedication to continue helping students. She said, “I just want to be there for them and giving them a support system they might not have had.”

In a previous school where she worked, she remembered having to call students at home to get them ready for class and truly make sure they did their assignments not only for her class but others as well. Going through those experiences, Ms. Nobile, “Finds it easy to help students with their personal issues and feelings that they express to her.” With her constant dedication to work and commitment to help improve her students’ lives and education, Ms. Nobile has earned herself a placement in MRHS history. She shows her students daily that with commitment and dedication you can accomplish anything and bring up others with you.