Une personne que j’admire: Melanie Laurent


Melanie Montanez

Melanie Laurent is well known for being an actress, singer, and filmmaker. She has appeared in films such as: “Now You See Me”, “Oxygen” and “6 Underground”. Laurent has accomplished a lot within the French Film industry. She has won two Cesar Awards and a Lumieres Award.  She has achieved many more accomplishments including best documentary, most promising actress, best action film, and outstanding character.

Melanie was born in Paris to a Jewish family and was introduced to acting at the age 16. She was first cast on “The Bridge” as a minor and got a good glimpse of the acting industry. From then on, she has worked hard to get to where she is now. Laurent is such a hardworking, talented, inspiring, and intelligent women. She has used her talent and goals as motivation to create her successful career. She hasn’t let anything get in her way.

The reason she inspires me is because of the motivation, attitude, humbleness, and outgoing personality she incorporates into her films.