My Role Model: Cesar Chavez


Have you ever wanted to help people that are in need or you feel that something is wrong and want to fix it? Well that is exactly what Cesar Chavez did. Cesar Chavez single handedly experienced the hardships of farming and the little pay they got and years later he protested for farmers to get not only to get more pay but more pay and this is how he did it. Caesar Chavez was born in Yuma Arizona, March 31,1927. His childhood was tough from his family losing their home during the great depression to him dropping out of school in eighth grade he would usually work on farms to get money for his family until he joined the navy in 1946 for the next 2 years.

After returning from the navy he would continue to work on farms where he met and married Helen Fabela and later became a grassroots organization for a lumber company in 1952. In 1962 he would resign and found the National farmer workers association and would protest for farmers to get more rights by doing non-violent protest inspired by Gandhi, Cesar traveled and gathered as many farmers as he could. In 1965 he would go on strike with grape growers that went on for five years which expanded into a nationwide boycott that led into a 340-mile march in 1966. 

The strike and boycott both ended in 1970 with a bargaining agreement with grape growers that gave them more rights. Throughout the 70s/80s Cesar would win labor contracts for farmers until his death in 1993.