Two Months Into School… How Are We Doing?


Manchester Regional High School, hmmm.. the school is awesome! But how are the people in the school? The teachers are awesome so obviously we expect the students to be the same, right? Well, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. 

When I set out to research the behavior of students at MRHS, I had no idea what I would find. Students have been cooped up in their homes for so long, many things have changed. For example, some of the amazing, positive, talkative students I knew in middle school are now lazier, negative, and quiet. Many kids have gone from being outgoing and kind to not caring about what’s around them and acting negative. Negative behavior can affect students, teachers, and other members of the school’s community. In the past year in New Jersey, about 100 teachers have quit every 6 months ( Can you imagine that? By 2050, over 5000 teachers will be gone ( I’m not saying there will be no teachers, but by a certain time, there will not be as many as there should be. This is a huge issue that threatens the quality of a student’s education. If NJ teachers aren’t happy, I wondered if the students feel the same way.

Students come to school everyday to learn and it’s pretty much a second home for them. How do they feel while walking around the school? I asked a few students and most said they feel fine. There were other students who weren’t so sure. One student said, “ Students act up too much, it’s as if they’re about to fall on top of me when I’m going to class.” When this student said this, they said it sincerely as if it meant something big to them. A few other students also agreed with this statement. 

In my opinion, the behavior at MRHS is so-so. I’m a freshman and compared to the school I was in before, it’s a lot better at MRHS. The school I used to go to had a “fight” every other week and it was getting in the way of many student’s education. Teachers who witnessed the fights had to leave, students who witnessed the fight had to leave, and so on, this impacted many students. At MRHS so far I haven’t really heard of many fights and most students are doing what they should be doing exactly when they should.

Overall I found that the students and staff at MRHS are doing an amazing job and should keep up their good work.