MRHS Track and Field Is LIFE!

Sport. Runner. Athlete

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Sport. Runner. Athlete

DeMarco Haye

Track and field is one of the most notable sports in the world. Manchester Regional High School is equipped with that sport. This sport is seen as a bodybuilding, character building, and unique training sport. At Manchester, this sport churns out a lot of fine young adults. Track has helped provide people with good sportsmanship and teamwork. Students at Manchester should join track to build these skills. Even if they cannot run well, there are other opportunities to do the wide variety of sports that fall within Track and Field. 

During my freshman year of high school, I decided to join Track and Field because my brothers influenced me to do so. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. My track coach, Mr. Orsini, made it a great experience. The first 3 days of practice were harsh. This made my body get into shape which me know what to expect for the entire Track Season. I stayed dedicated and finished my Freshman Year off strong. Time passed and I’m now a Junior who has enjoyed the sport for three years in a row. My body is in shape and I have become faster while improving my form and mindset about this sport. I also met a lot of new people from this sport too. 

Teamwork comes from this sport, too. At some meets we do relays. This is when 4 people on our team run an equal, predetermined distance in a sprint or longer race. The runners pass a rod like object, called the ‘baton’, from one person to the next person to continue the race. Winning this race depends on team work. We have to make sure that each person knows when they need to move up their arm to grab the baton. Teamwork also helps us know what we need to do to improve. So we always communicate to each other. For example, my old teammate who has graduated, Dauris, would help me practice hand offs, and we would keep on practicing them until we became perfect.

Training is also very unique for this sport. Training can be intense, involving the biological construction of the body, how the muscles work. We mostly work on the legs, but the upper body plays a big part, too. The arms have to be able to pump the runner forward. That’s why when we run, we swing our hands. Building this muscle helps make the arm movement more constant and better over time. A student named Sebastian, who participates in Track and Field said, ”Working out my arms helps pump my arms better and it helps me move faster.”

Track and Field has had a big impact on the sports community and my life. This sport has a lot of different sports within it. A lot of people tend to enjoy it and it’s very unique. It might be very intense and hard work, but it is worth it. The teamwork in this sport shows how fun it can be. The workouts help build the body and make you faster overall. You will eventually build character, body, and a unique mindset within this sport. So I hope to see you out on the this year!