Thank you Haledon Police


Dear Haledon Officers,

Thank you for helping everyone in this community. You do so much for us and risk your lives everyday. You leave your families and homes behind to fight crime. You always answer phone calls for work no matter what time and you always show up when people need you.

Most of the time the people give you guys a lot of backlash because they may not trust you or they think that you guys are “dangerous.” While this may be true in some rare cases, I know there are many of you that actually do your job without prejudice because you just want to protect the community rather than make people upset or angry. 

As the child of two officers, I know first hand what it’s like to be a cop. People should know that you work so hard during the day, that some of your nights are spent doing paperwork at home, too. For that, I say thank you very much!


Joseph Berman