Why Helping The Homeless Is Great?


Have you ever felt bad for the people living on the street? Have you ever seen that lady on TikTok that makes a lot of food just to feed people in need? Well, I have. This TikTok user’s name is Surthany Hejeij but on TikTok her username is @surthycooks. She is most well known for being a food enthusiast and cook who lives in Venezuela but originally comes from Lebanon. She uses her platform to encourage people to help others especially since most of the world is in a food crisis. 

Have you ever seen those videos on TikTok where these two influencers waste all of their time wasting food that could be given to others? They are so special because she started to respond to those TikToks where they are seen wasting food and showing them that they need to be better when it comes to what you do with perfectly fine food. She pushed others that were following what those two influencers were doing and basically showed them how to be better people. She wants to push others to do something kind for their community especially if people are struggling to provide food on the table or other things.

Why should others watch her content? Well, she teaches a lesson by showing how appreciative the kids or parents feel after she goes through a neighborhood when giving out food. Her message throughout all of her posts is basically don’t waste food that is not wanted but give it to others that need it. She wants others to know that helping others should be one of everyone’s main priorities. 

Why is she soo important? A lot of the other influencers talk about makeup products,  talk about how they are “activists, etc but none of them really talk about how they help others. They don’t show how great helping others really is. 

In our community, we need to help/support others that are struggling in our community. It is important to uplift others because people talk about how the community is unhappy or the fact that no one really gets along in their community instead of worrying about the ways that they can change the community into something better. We as a community need to make sure that we have people to support us because life is short and sometimes we need to be around people that bring out the positive instead of the negative.