Have you ever wanted to try a pediatrician career?


Pamela Bonilla-Guerra

A pediatrician is a doctor who treats newborns, children, and young adults. A Pediatrician is a great career to choose for your path but becoming a pediatrician may be more appealing to people who love working with children. Pediatric care starts from when the newborn is born until the child’s 21st birthday, there are also other pediatricians specialized for working with certain children with health conditions. A pediatrician also includes providing preventative care, and recommendations for vaccines as well. Note that Pediatricians also diagnose and give treatments for common childhood ailments and minor injuries. To summarize it all, pediatricians usually are the ones who look out for your children’s health until the age of 21.

To start off a Pediatrician does require a lot of schools which is what throws most people off, but if you enjoy working with children and want to put your mind to your dream and career it will be possible! It’s not the hardest job to get, but it does take patience and time. Due to the number of years, you have to study a lot throughout those years, and a lot of tests are also required to pass the courses to become a pediatrician. To begin with step one you will be required to go to an undergraduate college or university to complete courses for admittance into medical school.

Moving on to the next step, you will be required to take the MCAT (Medical college admission test) which includes four sections. Expect to spend a fair amount of studying since this is an important factor for your application. Then apply to a medical school, and they all have similar requirements. In addition to taking the MCAT, you’ll need to provide transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and more. Good grades and a strong MCAT score is a really important factors to take into consideration. Once you earn your spot in medical school, which will be around another 4 years to complete. In the final two years of medical school, you will get to work directly with patients during clinical rotations

To legally practice medicine in the United States, students typically fulfill this requirement by taking the three-part United States Medical Licensing Examination. These tests also require a lot of studying as well, as medical school draws to a close you’ll want to begin looking for pediatric residency positions and begin applying for them. One last step may also be that you can become board certified, while it isn’t necessary it shows that a physician has gone above and beyond licensing requirements.

To conclude if you are considering becoming a pediatrician, I would truly recommend it. Not to also note that Pediatricians usually make around $150,000 or more depending on where you work etc.. You can help kids and make a change for families as well. The work hours vary from either am to pm, or overnight pm till am. They usually work around 40 hours a week as well. You also may be working on Holidays, but don’t stress about it, it’s all worth it in the end if you want this career in your future!