Have You Ever Wanted A Job In Teaching Algebra?

Have You Ever Wanted A Job In Teaching Algebra?

Andrika Culliton

Have you ever dreamed of being a teacher when you were younger? Have you ever lined up your teddy bears in a way that it looked like a classroom and taught them stuff? People nowadays think that teaching is bad and think that it is a miserable job. A lot goes into teaching, especially when you’re trying to be an algebra teacher. Most kids hate math but if you have a great teacher it might be fun.

I chose this career because math teachers make over 50 grand a year without tutoring sessions and could make up to almost 8 grand more a year if they do tutoring sessions. To become a teacher, in general, it takes at least four years of college to start teaching. That’s because you need to get a bachelor’s degree and go to a teacher training program. You need to pass certification exams as well. Trying to become a teacher takes a lot of financial responsibility because a bachelor’s degree program in education typically ranges from $25,000 at state universities to $100,000 or more at private universities.

Have you ever wanted a job that is close to being an algebra teacher? There are 3 main jobs that are similar to being an algebra teacher like economics, computer science, also financial analysis and consulting. You may be asking “ What are those jobs and what do they do?.” Economics classes are the study of how societies use limited resources to satisfy their unlimited wants and needs. It is the foundation of this course as students learn how decisions about the four factors of production–land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship–are made. Computer Science Projects focus on coding and technology projects, such as computer simulation, programming languages, microcontrollers, scientific applications, and web development.

The other reason I picked this career to write about is because it will last in the future because math videos help but learning in person helps if you have questions or you need someone that is going to help you when you don’t feel confident about your answers. A lot of people rely on just videos which is sad because you are not really processing what is going on or analyzing what is going on. Learning stuff in person also helps you interact with other people instead of just your teacher because if you are too scared to ask the teacher you can just ask a student. A lot of teachers also love helping students because they feel like a student can actually talk to them instead of just ignoring them. Also here at Manchester every student has a teacher or some teachers that they could go to when they feel sad, happy or just anything because they feel like they are not intimidated by them. 

When it comes to teaching there are many opportunities for advancement. One would be partaking in specialist roles. Specialists evaluate and provide recommendations to improve curriculum planning, individual lessons and teaching methods at one or more grade levels. Another one is becoming a department head. The department chair provides instructional leadership and enhances articulation regarding curriculum alignment with standards. Also there is becoming the school principal which is a very important and hard job to do if you don’t really have a plan when becoming one. Also becoming a college professor is a big advancement because of the fact that you will have to teach a huge class of 35+ students.

In conclusion, taking this up as a career is a huge responsibility. The world needs more teachers since soo much has been happening around the world but having more people wanting to educate people who need it is one of the best things a person can do to help society. It is always best to educate yourself and then educate others on stuff that is not well known or what could help others. Becoming a teacher means making a difference for everyone you teach.