Have You Ever Wondered What It Takes To Be A Police Officer?


LeeShayna Feliciano

Have you ever dreamed of being a police officer? Or ever acted like a cop after watching Law and Order .. etc, or maybe even dressed up as one for halloween? Maybe you have but have you ever thought how hard and how much learning it takes to be a good one who can get the job done. Many people think being a cop is so easy until you have to throw yourself in front of a bullet to save someone’s life, or your own life is in jeopardy. Being a police officer means you have to put your life aside and protect not just one life but your whole town. It takes periodically a whole 22 weeks just to learn the simple basics on being one, They also earn 54k- 74k PER year. 

It takes courage and determination to be one. There may be some challenges but if being a cop is what you want to do then it doesn’t matter how many challenges you come across, you should know you can get through it. In the past couple of years, over 100 police officers have died due to risking themselves for other citizens, a total of 7,200 police officers have been murdered or died risking themselves since 1982, Throughout ALL years a total of 23,000 have been killed and there was no justice for those who made a change .

Police officers go through too much when it comes to trying to protect their towns. No one knows if it’s causing them depression, or anxiety or any sort of human body issues, they all just assume they are doing just fine but no one knows the amount of bodies they have to examine or deal with or how to tell the truth of a family’s death. It’s the hardest thing to go through, but everyone assumes and makes things worse for them. Also to mention that they have everyone on their backs expecting them to do something for them when they could be dealing with their own personal issues .

A police officer takes a lot of hard and paid off work to make sure it’s done right. You need to make sure you have good compassion towards others, be able to multitask, be able to be resourceful and make it count . Police officers are probably the most caring people around the environment, well some of them. Not all cops are good but most are and they show they are by making their point . They do also get abused even as cops and they do get kidnapped. The amount of hard work it takes to get your partners back and especially working with specific people for a certain amount of time can cause even more mental issues than needed. 

There are more than 800,000 law enforcement officers that are now able to serve in the United States. As said they make 31k to 65k each year, showing off their hard work and all suffer. They patrol the streets, have night shifts, have much paperwork, get gunned down even with safety vests on but it helps them. All is well with them and they get their work done and try to keep up but the amount of cases they get in just one day shows they do a lot just for us .