Should You Go Into Digital Marketing?


Pritom Deb

Have you ever thought about what you’re going to do in your life? Do you like being challenged and creative? Well, I got news for you, you should try looking into digital marketing! Did you know that digital marketing could give you brand recognition, audience engagement, increased web traffic, and much more. Digital marketing is the promotion of brands connecting to potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. Not many people go into this career because it’s so unknown and just starting to become popular. Imagine you get to do something you like all day and GET PAID FOR IT!!!

When and where exactly did digital marketing start and become popular?  Digital marketing started around the 1990s, near when the internet was first released. It didn’t become popular till 2006 but still wasn’t as popular as it is today. Before “digital marketing” there was just “marketing” since not many people had devices with them. Today everyone has a cell phone which makes it easier to create things, receive feedback, advertising companies, etc. Digital marketing wasn’t as popular as a job either, but now many people are trying to become a digital marketer. Even the pay has gone up by a lot, digital markers used to earn 23% of what they earn now. They get paid from 41K a year up to 120K a year. With the demand for digital marketers going up, the pay is going up with it.

What will you need to become a digital marketer? It’s pretty simple. What they’re looking for when hiring is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing or related fields, proven working experience as a marketer or digital marketer, and experience in social media and technology, and that’s about it. Many people don’t even know what marketing is, and forget the digital part. Digital marketing doesn’t even get you irritated as much as other jobs, so you could probably have a little side job. It’s not hard to become a digital marketer but neither is it easy, as long as you have the time and effort you’ll be one in no time! 

Is digital marketing going to be around long enough to make it my career? Digital marketing needs the thinking and creativity of a human or else every company would have the same exact ideas, so digital marketing is most likely to be around for a while. If they have a robot creating ideas, there will be no creativity, just all the same colors, designs, ideas, etc. It was scientifically proven that robots can solve many solutions in the scientific field, as they were programmed to but don’t have the emotions and ideas like a human. If they had more people working on social media digital marketing there would be more ideas and more creativity in the room.

In conclusion, digital marketing is one of the most important and coolest jobs on the planet! It pays well, you get to do what you love, you get to socialize with people all day long, and much more. Digital marketing is most definitely evolving day by day as different platforms are produced. What do you think about digital marketing, is it a go or is it a no?