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Top 10 Songs To Add To Your Playlist 

Top 10 Songs To Add To Your Playlist 

Heartbeat by Donald Glover

Meaning: Despite wanting to be with someone, there can be a push and pull between the two people, sometimes making it hard to be together. The singer acknowledges having done wrong in the past and struggling to come to terms with it. The song expresses a need for freedom, connection, and understanding in a relationship, and how difficult it is to find a balance between the two.

Song: Heartbeat by Donald Glover

Basket Case by Green Day

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Meaning: This is a song by Green Day about the feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and paranoia. The narrator is expressing their feelings of insecurity and fear of the unknown, and questioning their own mental health as a result. The chorus questions whether their feelings are real, or a result of paranoia or drug use. The bridge expresses the need to hold on to control, despite feeling overwhelmed. The song is a reflection of the anxieties and doubts that many people feel in their lives.

Song: Basket Case by Green Day

Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles

Meaning: The song “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles is about the importance of being yourself, no matter what other people may think or say. It talks about doing your own thing and not really caring what others think. The song is a celebration of individuality, and a reminder that we are all unique in our own way.

Song: Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles

Ghosts by Michael Jackson

Meaning: “Ghosts” portrays the emotional battle against fear, insecurity, and jealousy. It emphasizes the importance of protecting loved ones and questions the motives of those who seek to harm or intrude upon personal peace. The song encourages resilience and standing against negative influences.

Song: Ghosts by Michael Jackson

Heaven Can Wait by Michael Jackson

Meaning:”Heaven Can Wait” is a passionate love song celebrating deep, intimate connection with a significant other. The song speaks of a love so strong that the protagonist would choose to stay with his lover rather than go to heaven without her.

Song: Heaven Can Wait by Michael Jackson

Neverita by Bad Bunny

Meaning: The song “Neverita” by Bad Bunny is about unrequited love. In the chorus, the narrator expresses his frustration about being rejected by the person he is interested in, despite the fact that he is ready to commit to her. He calls her a “chamaquita,” or a young woman, indicating that she is still young and likely too inexperienced to recognize and commit to love. The narrator then says his heart has been put in the refrigerator, implying that he is shutting off his feelings towards her, while she says she will be alone this summer, again indicating her reluctance to commit to him. In the verses, the narrator advises her to put on sunscreen to protect her from getting burned, explaining that there are lots of pretty girls around, but that she is the one he wants. He also wants to surprise her and get her a beer, perhaps to win her over. The post chorus reiterates that she is not alone, as love comes and goes like the tides, and yet, she remains stuck in her role as an abuser, refusing to take a chance on love. Ultimately, the narrator is left feeling rejected and rejected the possibility of a relationship with this person.

Song: Neverita by Bad Bunny

Vroom Vroom by Charli XCX

Meaning: The song “Vroom Vroom” by Charli XCX is about being unapologetically yourself and doing what you want without letting anyone get in the way. It talks about living the high life with luxury cars and showing off your unbridled confidence. The song uses car metaphors to describe a feeling of freedom, of taking off and leaving others in the dust while they try to catch up. The song encourages listeners to go on a joyride, to defy the odds and do whatever it is they choose to do, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Ultimately, the message is that it’s OK to be bold and take risks, and to never give up on your dreams.

Song: Vroom Vroom by Charli XCX

Lovin’ On Me by Jack Harlow

Meaning: The song “Lovin’ On Me” by Jack Harlow seems to be about his preference for a more casual and free-spirited approach to relationships rather than being tied down by commitment or constraints. The lyrics mention his aversion to “whips and chains” symbolizing bondage or restrictions in a relationship. He emphasizes his desire for independence and the ability to explore love in a more carefree and non-traditional manner. 

Song: Lovin’ On Me by Jack Harlow


Meaning: The song “SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE” by Tyler, The Creator (Ft. Brent Faiyaz & Fana Hues) is a song about love and heartbreak. In Part I, “SWEET”, Tyler talks about his love for someone and how they should be called “sugar” because they are so sweet and beautiful. He also mentions that even if she left him, his feelings would not change. Part II, “I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE”, is about the pain of a lost love. Tyler compares his feelings to being “blinded” by the love he has, and his anguish at the fact that the relationship didn’t work out. At the end of the song, he reflects on how he wishes that the relationship had had better timing and that he will “save a dance” for her. The underlying message of this song is that even when it appears so, love is never a lost cause and can still be salvaged if both parties are willing.


Music for a Sushi Restaurant by Harry Styles

Meaning: The song “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” by Harry Styles is a love song describing the singer’s dedication and commitment towards their partner. Through metaphors of food, he is expressing his love, describing their partner’s features as “green eyes” and “fried rice” and comparing the love they share together to a “sweet ice cream” that “could use a Flake or two”. In the chorus, the line: “Ba, ba-ba, Ba-ba, ba-ba (You know I love you, babe)” emphasizes the assurance the singer is giving to their partner that they will never be lost, or go broke and will always love them.

Song: Music for a Sushi Restaurant by Harry Styles

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