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The New York Times Sues OpenAI for Copyright Infringement


Many of you guys know what AI is and how it works in this generation. AI can be used in a lot of different ways such as getting help to write, do school work, or just by getting some sort of inspiration. Knowing how AI has increased since last year is a big deal because it shows that AI is becoming a part of us. Sometimes AI uses information that can be copyrighted and they still use it without any problem. In 2023, New York Times writers found out OpenAI was using their copyrighted work to train the AI how to be a better writer. This was done without their permission. asking them for permission.

 Two New York Times Non-fiction authors, Basbanes and Gage, have formed a lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI. OpenAI created ChatGPT which many adults, teenagers, and students have been using all around the world. In this lawsuit, these writers are representing other writers whose copyrighted work has been taken away from them because AI has been using their work. One of them stated, “They are no different than any other thief.”

This lawsuit is looking for $150k for each defendant who feels their work has been damaged by AI. The lawyer representing these authors has said, “AI has been using work from other writers going against copyright without the writers permission.” With this going on, New York Times is the first well-known news publisher to sue AI for using copyrighted work without their permission. With the lawsuit happening right now, the hope is that more authors whose work has been copyrighted by AI will speak up about it. 

Writing a book takes months, maybe years to finish and get published to earn money out of it. Every time you use a copyrighted sentence or anything that’s copyrighted, you have to get permission from that person to use it. AI is being used for a work that’s not theirs which is just plain wrong. As AI grows every month, every year, there will be plenty of lawsuits coming its way!

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