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The MRHS Multicultural Fair Brought Us Together Again!

The MRHS Multicultural Fair is the best event of the year! The Multicultural Fair is a day for everyone to learn, have fun, and most importantly share their nationality and culture! The Multicultural Fair is organized every year by none other than Senora Orsita, one of the best teachers at Manchester. She puts lots of effort and care into the event which takes place throughout the entire school day, periods one through nine in the gym. Students attend during their English period, but people that live in Haledon or around town can attend as well.

When I arrived at the gymnasium with my English teacher and my class, I was given a first class plane ticket. I needed this ticket so I could “travel” to other countries, like in real life when you actually go to a different country. When I walked in, I was met with many, many beautiful decorations like the decorated tables, the food area, the dessert area, a tiki bar, and many hung up decorations that made the fair come to life. In order to get my first plate of food, I needed to get my ticket punched by five different countries, meaning I needed five punches in my ticket before I could eat. After that, I could eat as much as I would like!

At the fair, there were many tables that represented 43 different countries and cultures from around the world. The tables were decorated nicely with things from the country such as cardboard creations with pictures, little trinkets and souvenirs that gave each country/table a different feel and told a visual story about the country. Students dressed in clothes and costumes from the regions stood behind the tables and talked about the countries they represented. They got a chance to share their culture and after each talk, the student listening could also ask questions.

There was a ton of food donated to the fair by parents, local businesses, and faculty. This year they served rice, chicken, salad, pasta, different sauces, and much more. There were also drinks like fruit punch, non-alcoholic pina coladas, and morir sonando (milk and orange juice!) In the dessert section, they had arroz con leche (rice pudding), cupcakes, cookies, flan, oreo brownies, turron de dona pepa, mazamorra morada, champus, tres leches cake, pudin de pan or bread pudding, etc. In my opinion, I think all of the food was good and it was all very unique.

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While students sat at banquet sized tables to eat, student performers from many countries performed dances. Countries like the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Albania, Peru, and Ecuador all had dancers who performed. Each was enjoyable and fun to watch while eating food and sipping on a non-alcoholic pina colada. The best part was hearing the cheers of support and a loud applause from all the MRHS kids after each was finished. The fair really brought MRHS together as a close community of kids who care about each other. 

Overall, the Multicultural Fair was a blast, especially for the first time. When I experienced it first hand last week, it was pretty cool. I loved all the decorations and the fact that each country had its own person, style, and feel. The food was good, the drinks were good, and the desserts were especially good. Props to Senora Orsita for setting this event up for all of us and really putting time and effort into this annual event. It was a fun break from school for at least one period and it made us forget about all our worries for a little. It was also an original and cool event. . 

Thank you Ms. Orsita for putting this together for us!


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