IMO: The Astroworld Tragedy


Astrofest Tragedy, Whose Fault?

On November 5th, 2021, a terrible tragedy happened at a festival known as Astrofest, which was led by Travis Scott. There was a huge outburst that the tragedy would have never gotten worse if Travis stopped the show. So, people are putting the blame on Travis for all those who died. But in my opinion, it was the people’s fault. Why, because people that bought the ticket obviously went to the show. But there was a large amount of people who jumped fences and even broke down fences to just get in the show. Which led to many people suffocating, 100+ people were injured during the show.

As people have said it was Travis’ fault for what happened, people even claimed that they chanted “STOP THE SHOW!” but he never did. He was surrounded by bass boosted speakers at full volume blasting his own music, he probably never stopped the show because he could hear the few 100 people chanting it. There were 50,000 people in attendance, even people who got in for free. I just think it was the people’s fault for even breaking down things to get into the show.