A Movie Review: Ponyo


“Ponyo” is a movie that was made in 2009 and produced by one of the most influential animation studios of the modern century, Studio Ghibli.  It revolves around a human-like goldfish, Ponyo, who is saved by a five year boy named Sosuke. After spending some time with him, Ponyo realizes that she wants to become a human so she can stay with Sosuke; however, Ponyo’s father is completely against this and tries to stop her. He has a strong disdain for humanity and knows that her magic will negatively affect the world if she tries to leave the sea.

“Ponyo” was directed by Hayao Miyazaki who is famous for other works that helped make Japanese movies popular in the US. Despite how cheery and joyful the movie seems to be, it actually has a rather sad story behind why it was made. “Ponyo” was made to serve as an apology to Miyazaki’s son Goro for being “the worst dad”. This is a message that can be seen in the main plot of the movie and it gives the story a deeper meaning.

Overall “Ponyo” has been received amazingly with 93 percent of people enjoying it. It earned 204.8 billion dollars world wide. I personally think that it has a strong message behind it and an amazing story to go with it. The animation itself is one of the best I’ve ever seen with every single frame of the movie being drawn by hand. It also serves as a good introduction to other movies by Studio Ghibli. If you’re looking for a simple movie that will leave a lasting impression or just a movie that lifts your spirits, “Ponyo” is the movie you want to watch.