Thank You Middle School Teachers 

Thank You Middle School Teachers 

Dear Middle School Teachers,

Thank you so much for giving kids a great educational foundation. You guys teach the basics to all subjects. You lay groundwork for high school careers. Without you, many students would not be able to comprehend the lessons and the things learned in high school and college. You are not given enough credit for what you do. People need to remember that it is you, the teachers, who showed them the ropes and helped them along the way on the journey called life. 

The following quote explains just how important you are, “Middle school makes up the important formative years for many children; the time where they learn what subjects they enjoy and develop a greater understanding of the world. As such, it’s no surprise that teachers can have 20x more influence on a middle schooler’s education as their class size or socioeconomic status.”( 

Clearly you do so much for so many. That is why I say Thank You!


Josh Pennant