My Role Model: Keanu Reeves


I love Keanu Reeves. I honestly think he’s one of the greatest actors of all time and a very good person to look up to who I consider as a role model these days. Not many people look up to actors these days. One of the big reasons why I look up to Keanu Reeves is because he’s made so many life remembering movies that nobody will forget and it’s just amazing. I look up into Keanu because of the hard work he’s putting in and it’s so exciting to see and I view it as very motivational when I’m trying to get through something. It’s just crazy to me to see him go from doing movies to now actually going to be in a video game. It’s easy to do and you can see the hard passion he has for his jobs. Keanu will forever be a person I look up to and hope he also keeps what he’s doing.