Ever wondered what to do on a hot summer day?

Ever wondered what to do on a hot summer day?

 I’ve got some of the best ideas just for you! Summer can be very exciting for us, but since we have the whole summer off you can always run out of ideas to do. If you know it or not there are many things to explore and experience near our area. Don’t miss out on the fun and learn about all the new trips you can experience around here. 

Grab family or friends and make a splash at the famous splash plex. Ever visited “The Funplex”? Well, this is right outside of fun plex but instead of an indoor arcade, it’s an outdoor waterpark, perfect for a hot sunny day. You can also enjoy all the fun indoor games inside, right after the water park, it’s your choice but this will be a great new trip for friends and family. I wouldn’t say it’s the closest near your neighborhood, but it’s not too far,  around a 30 min drive. The cost of the entrance for the waterpark itself is around $50-60, depending on what daily pass you get. It is the perfect idea for that boring day. There are many water attractions to go on including the indoor arcade, which would be an additional 30$ or less depending on what wristband you decide to purchase. 

Flowers are what symbolizes summer to me, watching all the flowers bloom around summertime is spectacular. But there is something you can enjoy if you love flowers. Van Vleck’s house and garden allow you to pick from a variety of plants and flowers and take them home with you! It is located not too far from here about a 20 min drive to Montclair, New Jersey. It features a public garden of mostly plants that have been developed over the years. This can be a very cute and relaxing place for you and your friends or family. The admission price is free but you will have to plan your visit on their website the Montclair Foundation/ Van Vleck House & Garden. There are also classes available here to learn more about specific plants or animals. 

The summer can be a bit too hot for some people, so go and take a swim at Darlington Pool located in Mahwah New Jersey. It has an area for swimming with sand, and also includes obstacle courses in the water to challenge your friends! It also includes a picnic area where you can bring food to eat as well. Not too far from the area, around 20 minutes. The pricing to enter is not the most expensive, it’s around 10-20 depending on what you choose to go. The park opens around 10 am and closes at 8 pm. Honestly, you can go there to just hang out with friends as well if you don’t want to swim. They have many areas to sit around, and you can always catch a tan! 

See now you have 3 new ideas added to your summer list! There may not be many days when you’re always busy in the summer so you might as well give these places a try for a new experience. There are many ways to enjoy yourself this summer, you don’t always have to be stuck at home bored, you can go out with friends and family and enjoy the summer!