Are you ready for Summer?


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Summer can be very exciting when you don’t have to worry about doing homework or going to school. Summer is one of my most favorite seasons. There are so many great things you do between July- August and it’s never enough to have only 2 months of vacation. Here are my top 4 things to do in summer when there is no school to pay attention to.

Go to Six Flags

Six Flags is a must when it comes to summer! There are so many rides you can go on, but I recommend going on the Kingda Ka roller coaster. It is pretty wild and you’ll barely even have time to scream because by the time you scream, that moment of the roller coaster will be over. The whole ride takes 55 seconds and you go from 0 to 128 miles per hour in just a few seconds. It is a rush like no other. Don’t let Final Destinations movies get into your head, experience these roller coasters while you’re young!

Spend family quality time

Spending family quality time is always something to be grateful for and getting together with family will always cheer someone up. Going to the beach with your family is always fun, too. It is a great idea to create these memories while you’re still in contact with them. Never miss an opportunity to let them be happy and enjoy that moment they are experiencing.

Help your mom with chores around the house

Many people don’t always consider this “Summer Fun” but it’s actually pretty fun to clean the house and help your mother with chores. They will always ask you to do chores, but in the end it’s better to do things without them asking you, it shows that you’re responsible. Your mother may be tired of doing things for everyone in the house, if you’re female maybe it’s time to see what their life is like because that will be you in the future. For a male, it should be the same, always help your parents out with something. Mostly in summer because you would want to spend time with them.

Spend time with your friends/partner

Maybe your family makes you feel like you don’t belong. It’s always better to make plans with your friends than your boyfriend or girlfriend. Spending time with them will make them happy without you knowing. Going to the beach, going to eat or going to the carnival is always something you should consider going with your partner or your friends with.