Rita Moreno Just A Girl Who Decided To Go For It


Angela Gibaja

Rosita Dolores Alverio also known as Rita Moreno, an intelligent and talented woman who is someone that just went for it. When Moreno was young, she joined dance classes and film industries came shortly after. When she got the role that made her more famous, she almost turned it down due to the fact that she would have to sing about how horrible Puerto Rico is.  She never dreamed of being on stage yet she found an opportunity and took it which makes her a role model. She tells the people who look up to her, to do what she did and just go for it.

Rita inspired me to go for it like joining a club and talking to people, I just went for it. Moreno doesn’t take any negative comments on her ethnicity and gender as well as being sexualized. She has been in the filming industry for many, many years and quit once due to comments getting the best of her but she later realized that those comments shouldn’t stop her newly found dream. She went back 8-9 years later and got the role which put her more out there.

Word of wisdom: “You always have to be able to get up, dust off, and move forward.” Rita said which she is telling us to just do and don’t give up. She may not have done a lot like become a political speaker and what not but she inspired us to do our dream and when once in a lifetime opportunities come to just go for it because it could make a big benefit on your life.