Adam Bagdough

Water pollution is a big problem in our modern day and two people came up with a very big solution. Mark Rober and Jimmy Donaldson have pledged to clean thirty millions pounds of trash in our oceans, beaches, and rivers by using donations from people like you and me up until January first 2022. Until that date arrives and until they meet their goal, this international charity will continue to lift as much trash as they can.

Beginning in October 2021, Mark Rober and Jimmy Donaldson otherwise known as Mr. Beast began the nonprofit organization “Team Seas”. It’s a massive ocean cleanup project that focuses on removing up to thirty million pounds of trash from rivers, oceans, and beaches all together. This project was meant to work side by side with Mr. Beast’s “Team Trees”, an organization made to plant 20 millions trees, with him stating “Two years ago we planted 20,000,000 trees and now we want to remove 30,000,000 pounds of trash from the ocean”.  As of now they are half way towards their goal in their ocean cleanup.

The reason that this is so important is that ocean pollution is a major issue towards marine life and the ocean environment. Leftover scuba gear and Plastics leave long lasting and detrimental marks on whatever body of water they are stuck in. That’s why Team seas is sending in experts to grapple or float leftover gear onto the surface. As for beaches Team seas will partner up with volunteers to help with picking up and removing trash from as many beaches as they can. Last but certainly not least are rivers, are cleaned up with huge machines known as Interceptors which have cleaned up two millions pounds of trash to date.

 As for what happens with all the trash, what that can be recycled will be recycled. For ocean cleanup lost scuba gear that still works will be handed over to local fishers, anything else that cant  be recycled will be disposed of properly. Beaches have a similar process to them wherever there are local facilities any accepted materials will turned in to be recycled, anything else will also be properly disposed of. River trash is brought to shore and like the other two, whatever plastic that is recyclable is simply recycled and cant be disposed of.

Truth be told, fighting ocean pollution isn’t an easy battle to win but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Every charity and nonprofit is one stop closer to cleaner waters.