Get into The Flow!


Did you know that you can be in the state of ‘brain flow’? What’s brain flow you might ask? It’s basically a peaceful mental state. It usually happens when doing work such as sports, cooking, or playing video games. The “Brain Flow” usually comes when you’re doing types of activities that help you stay calm and not feel overwhelmed. It happens all over your body, but mostly in your brain. It also helps you with your mindset. It’s a skill that you can get really good at, but you might find it difficult when explaining it to other people. “Brain Flow” wasn’t always a defined thing. In the 1975, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defined it, and researchers began documenting the ways the brain can alter consciousness to improve performance. During their experiment they found ways that the human body had a connection with the brain. 

Over the years, many people have reached brain flow. Some people say, “Flow is a state of peak enjoyment that occurs when you are doing something that is difficult and you are highly skilled at.” For example, while playing video games, you might be highly skilled at it but at the same time you find it difficult. “Flow is said to be good for our well-being and there is evidence that it can ward off depression, prevent burnout and make us more resilient. We seek it out, but we don’t understand how the brain enables flow very well.” It makes us feel good about ourselves and other people who need it.