All the Bright Places: A Duel Review ; – )


Kaylee Ortiz

After both reading and watching  All the bright Places by Jennifer Niven, I noticed that there are a few differences between them. The movie was very well shot and the actors filled their roles very well; however, some things were noticeably off. One of those things is that Finch has no friends in the book; however, in the movie, he has friends they just don’t help him or look out for him. In the book, both Finch and Violet were equally important and were both recognized as main characters, but in the movie, Violet was seen as the most important and Finch was introduced later on. In the book, they meet in the bell tower, but in the movie they meet on a bridge. These are just some of the many differences that occur when a book is turned into a movie. While the plot stays the same, some things are altered or changed. 

As for the overall movie, it was something I really enjoyed. It displayed the good and the bad parts of mental health and brought awareness to the topic. It showed how people can be affected by the little things, not just big events. It brings awareness to people with bipolar disorder. If you didn’t know what this movie was about, it’s about a girl who learns from someone who plans to die. The overall message from this story is that you can have an impact on someone else’s life. I enjoyed both the movie and book, and if you’re someone who likes movies like that, I recommend you give it a chance.