Akayliah Anglin

Summer break, isn’t it lovely? The excitement is rapidly approaching for students worldwide. Ice pops, fireworks, parties, traveling, cookouts, spending quality time with friends, etc… Everyone is looking forward to the nice long days and the cool breezy nights. Students at MRHS are already feeling the pre-summer break fever. Due to all the upcoming fun activities, it’s evident some students have become restless and rebellious as they anticipate the freedom and independence the summer break brings.

Every MRHS grade has something to look forward to this summer. Seniors are becoming young adults, going to college, and getting professional jobs.  While other grades continue to level up. They may also take on part-time jobs, internships, or volunteer work to gain work experience. Additionally, many high school students attend summer camps, travel, or participate in academic programs or sports training. 

When asked what they’re looking forward to this summer, a student stated, “I’m looking forward to the freedom because my mother won’t have as much control over me anymore. I get to do what I want on my own time. I’m also looking forward to getting a job and moving.” The anticipation is making others feel a strong desire to break free from the structure and routine of the academic year, leading to more impulsive or defiant behavior. When asked if students notice the change in their classmates’ behaviors, one student said, “I can’t wait to leave this school but some students probably feel like they need to act out because it’s their last year and they don’t care as much”.  

As a freshman myself, I recommend just to keep going and pushing until you finally get out of here. Whether your goal is to graduate, earn good grades, or learn new skills, staying focused and committed until summer break will help you achieve those goals. Continue to persevere through the challenges and setbacks and continue striving to do your best.