My Role Model: Raymond Santana

My Role Model: Raymond Santana

Leeshayna Felciici

Raymond Santana should have had the justice he deserved years before, it was too late. Raymond Santana was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 7th. He was going out to a party with his friends at the age of 14 and got swooped up into a “gang” of people and was surrounded into the wrong crowd where he couldn’t have been in. Santana was accused of rape and assault in the late 1990’s where he was forced into saying stuff he didn’t even do, back then racism was the worst thing for Hispanics and blacks. Always being wrongly accused for stuff they didn’t do or being killed for their skin color, but a group of boys from the ages 13-16 were arrested and brought in for the rape and assault crime known as the “jogger case”. Raymond was interviewed without his parents being in the room or without his parents even knowing he was arrested at the time.

Raymond got out of jail in 2002 , due to good behavior of course because since he was accused of rape everyone thought of that innocent little boy as an evil person because of what he was convicted of. After he got out of jail he was sent back to jail because he couldn’t help the fact that after years his life really changed a lot and his family seemed as if they were better off without a “ delinquent” in their family, He was caught after dealing drugs and any other illegal substances to teenagers, but came out and they all ended up getting the justice all 5 of them deserved. 

The boys were offered 41 million dollars as a justice reward because they got accused of a serious crime they didn’t commit. And now they can be free and walk around in the world without people looking at them and giving them dirty looks because people want to assume the worst about you because your black or light skin or Hispanic or whatever you are, looks can deceive.

Raymond Santana is now 48 years old and he made films on how he was treated years before for being a Hispanic male. They had to be sentenced to 11 plus years to jail and suffered a lot of loss, after years Raymond’s family stopped caring about him because they thought he was nothing but just bad vibes because he was arrested , Raymond’s dad’s gf didn’t approve of his son being in jail but she didn’t the story as to how he got in it so she assumed and she bad mouthed him and Raymond’s dad didn’t do anything to help .