My Role Model: Angela Aguilar


Angela Aguilar is a Mexican/American singer who has a big journey on how she became the woman she is today.  Her father Pepe Aguilar is a songwriter and a singer. Angela started her journey when her grandmother and her father  took her on tour, sang with them. Angela Aguilar is 17 years old, she started getting famous when she published the song called “La Llorona” which made tons of views, she is also  a three-time Grammy winner.

Why is Angela an inspiration to young teens ? She told her fans that you should follow your family roots even if they are challenging, to always spend family time even if you’re busy with music, school etc.. Her main goal to her fans is to achieve happiness because happiness doesn’t last forever. Her first album was released in 2012, when she was 9. This shows that even if Angela is practicing music at a young age, she is being careful and putting time for herself and her family members, because of music , she tells her fans “follow your dreams even if no one believes in you because at the end of the day you’ll achieve it”. Being passionate about your work is always a responsibility when it comes to working hard.

Every time Angela Aguilar has a tour, she tries to learn about the place as much as she can, she tries to learn about the stories they had and more. Aneliz Aguilar ( her mother) taught Angela the story about el día de los muertos. She told one of her fans “Since I was a little girl, my mother used to make me make dead people‘s altars and she would tell me the typical stories. Also, every time we went to a concert, we tried to learn as much as possible about the place where we were going to sing. We would go to Guanajuato and they would tell us the stories of the mummies. They took us to see and investigate. They planted the seed for us and we were already growing with our love for Mexico.”

She’s an inspiration today because she helps us teens and kids realize that they we should not give up on anything that everything is possible. She’s a great role model because it ain’t how she does it, it’s how she does it with passion , it might be stressful but she still gets it done at the end of the day. Angela has been through a lot, she lost her grandmother last year in November. Throughout with her songs, it helps her how she is today and who she is because she had inspiration from her grandmother, and she is the woman she is right now.