Vision, Mission, and Core Values of PC MRHS 2019-2024

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Vision, Mission, and Core Values of PC MRHS 2019-2024

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PC MRHS Vision Statement (2019-2024):

Manchester Regional High School will have a culture of innovation and authentic learning that cultivates the skills needed to collaborate, critically think, and solve problems. Manchester Regional High School will be future ready and will inspire its constituents to strive for the highest level of character and growth mindset necessary to be active members of a global society.

PC MRHS Mission Statement:

Manchester Regional High School personalizes the learning experience of each student while providing authentic opportunities for effective peer collaboration, critical thinking, and the solving of practical problems to ensure college, career,  and life readiness. Manchester Regional High School provides all students with the technologies, real life skill sets, and professional tendencies to achieve their highest potential in the global community and economy.  

PC MRHS Core Values:

  • We believe that all students can grow and reach their fullest potential. 
  • We believe that all stakeholders are critical in the education process and will share a passion for excellence.
  • We believe that diversity builds character, better community relationships, and tolerance.
  • We believe that all students will utilize their character to contribute to society. 
  • We believe that respect is the center of a strong and thriving community.
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