Save The Falcons Lounge


Joseph Berman

Have you ever wanted to play video games in school? How about sit on a couch and be on your phone? Well this, and much more, is exactly what you can do in the Falcons Lounge. The Falcons Lounge is a multi functional room at Manchester High School. Located on the bottom floor in the S Wing, the lounge is where anyone can go to play games, get your mind off of school work, or see trained therapists who can help with many issues teens might have.

The Falcons Lounge is founded by Care Plus NJ a non-profit organization that helps kids with their problems. Recently, the state government created a plan that would close the Falcons Lounge and all other similar lounges in high schools across the state. They would replace these smaller lounges with bigger, centralized centers where kids can go to hangout or get help. This is making a lot of people upset because students could be miles away from where the center is located. This is why the people I spoke to around the school say they want to keep the lounges in the schools. Don’t worry though, there is still hope to save our Falcons Lounge and here is how you can do it.

The Falcons Lounge is looking for people to write letters about why they love the Falcons Lounge. The hope is that if they get enough letters, they can show the government that the Falcons Lounge needs to stay. For this reporter, the Falcons Lounge is important because it is a place I can go to relax after a busy day of school and get my homework done. I have a hard time focusing at home because it’s too noisy, but at the Falcons Lounge, I’m able to focus on my work without too many distractions. Also, when I have a bad day and I don’t feel like going home, I usually go to the Falcons Lounge to relax and it makes me feel better. I see the Falcons Lounge as a place where I won’t be stressed out all the time. If it closes down, I don’t know where I could go to just chill. As a Freshman, my experiences at the Falcons Lounge have been brief, but every time I go there, I leave feeling refreshed and care-free. This is why the Falcons lounge is important to me and why I think it should stay open.