Check Out The I.C.


Joshua Cardona

Have you ever wanted to have fun in school and have some time to hang out with your friends? Well, the Innovation Center at MRHS is exactly what you need. The Innovation Center is like a futuristic library on the first floor of MRHS. You can go there to play games and have fun during your lunchtime in school. The Innovation Center has been at MRHS for 4 years. 

During lunch, the Innovation Center can only have 20 kids at a time, but most of the time, there are only around 10 people that go. My friends and I go everyday to play games and just talk. There is Jenga, Uno, Legos, video games on the computers, and many more things to do. You can also get books, too. Don’t forget, you have to be relatively quiet most of the time because there are classes held there, too.

I think that every school should have an Innovation Center like ours so kids can go there and have fun. See you there!